2000 people who can and can afford to give 100 euros only once will buy our own home. Only here

Sunday, June 9, 2019

As of tomorrow, Monday, June 10, The Other Person will not have a car for transportation of food items, etc.  On the Sunday of the run-off elections, while the vegetables were being transported from 1500 metres away to the cooking site, there was an accident.  Since we didn’t have insurance, we had to surrender the license plates and pay two fines of 500 euros each and an additional 500 euros for not having the car insured.  We also have to repair the car, which had been given to us.

Of course, we have made a special agreement stating that the car belongs only to me personally so that the man who gave it to us is covered.  So what is needed at this time is 1.500 euros for the fines, plus 600 euros to repair the car, a total of 2.100 euros.  

Unfortunately, we did not manage to collect this amount from the solidarity concert, so in August, that is, in two (2) months, in addition to the car expenses, we will again need to pay the rent on our space.

No, the news is not tragic--things are just difficult.  But we like difficult situations, and that’s why we’re “the other people”...


Donations going directly to our efforts:
PayPal Account:

National Bank of Greece, Account #084/609402-35 and
IBAN GR7801100840000008460940235 
Panagoula Polychronopoulou, daughter of Mihail
(Παναγουλα Πολυχρονοπουλου του Μιχαηλ)

Food, spices, honey, coffee (Greek, frappe, filter), evaporated milk, diapers.
Paper towels, napkins, plastic forks and spoons, single-use food bowls and plastic gloves for serving, aluminum foil, 

Saturday, 4 May 2019

[Note:  O Allos Anthropos is in need of 3.300 euros to pay the first six months’ rent in advance for the significant rent discount which will allow them to remain in their rented space.  This rent is due on May 1, with a deadline of May 20.  If they cannot come up with the rent, they will have to move out and discontinue the efforts described below.]

I see, I understand that it is difficult, very difficult for us to collect the money for the new space.  I simply want to let you know that EVEN IF we’ve come full circle as THE OTHER PERSON, and EVEN IF we end our efforts, there are people who will continue them even if it’s only once per week.  It’s possible that we’ll end our daily cooking with communication, respect, solidarity, but it will exist.

The thing that’s going to upset me and, I think, many (not all) of us is the house.  I’m / We’re going to miss the daily greeting from the 100-150 people who’ve been coming to the house and having coffee with us, who took their showers in our bathroom, who ironed their clothes and our clothes as well.

I’m especially going to miss the children and teens who came for supplemental tutoring lessons.  I’ll miss their shouts, laughter, tears, and struggles.

I’ll miss the theatre company with their rehearsals, their voices, my complaining about how long the rehearsal was lasting...

I’ll miss the gathering of the 450 families that came with dignity every month to get food to last the entire month.

I’ll miss the September gatherings where we distributed the school lists [items] to those who didn’t have them.

I’ll miss the cutting of the New Year’s vasilopita bread.  I’ll miss the large Easter candles which gave the children and us such happiness.

I’ll miss many of you—not having daily contact.

BUT we’ve said “every obstacle happens for a reason”...nothing has ended yet...hope and struggle are what keep us alive.


Whoever can help, we need you here.  The money is here, and you need to know that if we don’t manage to collect the 3.300 euros, by 20 May, whatever money has been collected will be returned.
IBAN GR7801100840000008460940235
Panagoula Polychronopoulou, daughter of Michail
(Παναγουλα Πολυχρονοπουλου του Μιχαιλ)

(aka Social Kitchen “The Other Human”)

*Vyronas (Vironas), Karaoli Dimitriou Street / Every first Friday of the month at 12noon.

*Akademia Platonos Park (Plato’s Academy Park), Athens / 4 May at 11a.m.

*Halkida (Chalkida / Xalkida) / 18 May at 12noon at the Anti-Fascist Festival.

*Kallithea, Plateia Davaki / Mondays at 1p.m.

*Porto Rafti – 6pm (no day indicated).  See the page:  O Allos Anthropos Porto Rafti Markopoulo.

*Varvakeio (Athens Central Market), Athinas Street / Tuesdays at 1pm.

*Kerameikos, M. Alexandrou Street #122, Athens / Wednesdays at 2pm.
Also:  *Every day, seven days per week, coffee, showers, breakfast and food from 10am until 7pm, except Mondays & Wednesdays until 3pm.
*Mondays & Wednesdays, supplemental tutoring lessons from 5pm until 8pm.

*Kapnikarea Church Square, Ermou Street, Athens / Fridays at 3pm.

*Aigaleo (Egaleo), Metro exit / Saturdays at 2pm.

*Piraeus (Pireas), Port Gate E7 exit / Sundays at 2pm.

*Markopoulo, central town square (Community Kitchen “The Other Person” “O Allos Anthropos” Markopoulo) /  Saturdays at 6pm.

*Exarcheia (Exarhia), Exarhia Square and Exarhia Park, Athens / Every 1st and 3rd Sunday (no time indicated).

*Drakopoulou, Patissia (Patisia), Athens / (The Community Kitchen “The Other Person” Patissia) / (no day or time indicated).

*Kriti (Crete) / Once per week (no city, day, or time indicated).  See the page:  O Allos Anthropos Kriti.

*Karditsa / Saturdays at Agios Georgios (Saint George) Avenue at 12noon.
*PayPal Account:
*National Bank of Greece Account Number 084/609402-35 and
IBAN GR7801100840000008460940235 Panagoula Polychronopoulou, daughter of Mihail
(Παναγουλα Πολυχρονοπουλου του Μιχαηλ)

Hey, OTHER PEOPLE...With a very big smile on my face, I’m letting you know that today we reached 3.385euros, which, as you know, means that I’m NOT returning the money you contributed—I’m using it to pay the rent. IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT :) :) :) because you’re THE OTHER PERSON! I know that you’re smiling, too! In these difficult times, in five days, we managed to do it... Because that’s how we all are, one person looking out for the other—everyone with the motto “All for one and one for all.” Once again, we’ve put it into practice. SOLIDARITY IS OUR WEAPON AND LOVE, OUR BULLETS. I LOVE YOU ALL. Now we’re continuing to fill our storage pantry: *Milk, olive oil, orzo pasta, lentils, tomato paste, tomato sauce (poumaro), rice, beans, chickpeas (garbanzos). *Coffee, sugar, breakfast items, jam, cookies (biscuits), cakes. *Napkins, paper towels. *Toilet paper, diapers. *Cleaning supplies. We’re out of all these items. PayPal Account: ******** National Bank of Greece Account Number 084/609402-35 and IBAN GR7801100840000008460940235 Παναγουλα Πολυχρονοπουλου του Μιχαηλ (Panagoula Polychronopoulou, daughter of Michail) SWIFT / BIC: ETHNGRAA. Photo 1 8 May 2019 / List of Needed Items: Nescafe (coffee), Sugar Plastic Cups & (Plates), Spoons, Kitchen Paper Towels, Napkins – SOS (Rice) Cookies [Biscuits] Butter & Marmelade Vinegar, Salt Children’s Milk [and Formula] Pikal – Toothbrushes, Shampoo & Liquid Bodywash Toilet Paper, Diapers Brooms and Mops, Garbage Bags Small Propane Gas Units for Coffee (gazakia). Photo 2 Most recent water bill (EYDAP): 153euros.


The impetus for the "Different Person" community kitchen was when we saw people of all ages, nationalities, ethnicities, and social classes looking through the left-overs at Athens farmers' markets in an effort to gather food that they could not afford to buy. The first response was to cook food at home and try to distribute for free at the farmers' markets. We then asked vendors to each donate one product from their stands so that we could continue the next day. After that, we decided to instead to both cook and eat together in an effort combat the shame of receiving a free cooked meal. Another purpose of our community kitchen is to distribute any left over funds (typically 30-40 EUR/month) to unemployed people who help us on a daily basis and when possible for our volunteers too!

The idea of Social Kitchen "The Other Human" began when we noticed in the public food markets of Athens, people of various ages, nationalities, and social levels rummaging through rubbish to find food they otherwise couldn't afford to buy. The first obvious response was to cook our own food from home and distribute it in the public market places. We asked each food stall merchant to volunteer one item from their food bench so we could continue the next day. We then decided to cook on site for people and to eat the cooked food together. This way we could all come together and break through any shame or embarrassment which might be an issue for anyone.

The idea of Society Kitchen "The Other Human"
is an action of solidarity and a manifestation of love towards our fellowmen,
with the hope to awaken consciousness
and for there to be other similar actions from others and from groups
These actions are not philanthropic or charity. 

We cook "live", we eat together and we live together.
A lunch with our fellowman on the street. 
Join us to make each day more beautiful.



[Updated 26 April 2019]

LINK 1:  HOME PAGE:  Tuesday, 23 April 2019

LOVE is what Christ preached to those who believed in Him, love FOR ALL, without making distinctions—whether they were the same color or not, whether they had money or not, LOVE for other people, for ALL OTHER PEOPLE!! 

Thank you, Nasili, for your magic (though you lost your jacket).  Thank you, Dimitra from Arachova.  Thank you, Stella and Verena, who came from Germany to contribute.  Thank you, Ervin, from Austria, and Ahmet, who contributed from Italy.  Thank you, Kefalonia, Drama, Karpenisi and people from all the other villages, towns, and cities for the outstanding celebration of love and solidarity!!

a/ PayPal Account:
b/ National Bank of Greece (Ethniki Trapeza) Account Number  084/609402-35 and
c/ IBAN GR7801100840000008460940235 Panagoula Polychronopoulou, daughter of Michail (Παναγουλα Πολυχρονοπουλου του Μιχαηλ)

a/ PayPal Account:
b/ National Bank of Greece (Ethniki Trapeza) Account Number  084/609402-35 and
c/ IBAN GR7801100840000008460940235 Panagoula Polychronopoulou, daughter of Michail (Παναγουλα Πολυχρονοπουλου του Μιχαηλ)

Food, spices, honey, coffee (Greek, frappe, filter), evaporated milk, diapers.
Paper towels, napkins, plastic forks and spoons, disposable bowls for food packaging, disposable gloves, aluminum foil.
Kitchen dishwashing detergent, sponges.
Propane gas and gas tanks.
Stew pot (150 liters).

IF YOU ARE A RESTAURANT OWNER and have leftover food, contact “The Other Person” at 6940.882355 (Konstantinos) to arrange for pickup, and/or
You can donate food to be cooked, and/or
You can participate in the effort more directly by helping to cook on site and making deliveries.

Active volunteers with cars for transport.
Active volunteers for cooking and serving.
Active volunteers for gathering supplies.



Schedule for January, February, and March 2019
In addition to the regular schedule, the second tour through Greece has started.  
We have cooked in Thebes. 
On 10 February at 1pm we’ll be in Karditsa in the central town square, 
On 12 February at 1pm in Kastoria in the central town square, 
On 13 February at 1pm in Thessaloniki at Aristotelous and Egnatia.

Kallithea, Monday at 1pm (no location indicated).

Porto Rafti, Community Kitchen “The Other Person” (no location or time indicated).

Varvakeio (Athens Central Market), Athinas Street, Tuesday at 1pm.

Kolonos, Saint Constantine, Lenorman Street, Wednesday at 2pm.

Athens, Ermou Street, Kapnikarea Church Square, Friday at 3pm.

Aigaleo (Egaleo), Metro exit, Saturday at 2pm.

Piraeus (Pireas), Port Gate E7 exit, Sunday at 2pm.

Markopoulo, central town square, Community Kitchen “The Other Person,” Saturday (no time indicated).

Athens, Exarchia Square, every 1st and 3rd Sunday (no time indicated).

Athens, Patissia, Drakopoulou Park, every 1st and 3rd Sunday (no time indicated), 
sponsored by the Community Kitchen Solidarity Patissia “The Other Person.”

Irakleion, Crete, Georgiadi Park, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Community Kitchen “The Other Person--the Black Pot.”

Athens, Keramikos, M. Alexandrou 122, seven days per week, coffee, baths, breakfast and food from 10am to 7pm, except for Wednesdays 10am to 3pm.

Every Monday and Wednesday from 5 to 8pm, support teaching (location not indicated).

Athens and Piraeus, seven nights per week from 10pm to 1am, walks through the streets offering tea, milk, rice pudding, etc.


M. Alexandrou 122, Kerameikos-Metaxourgeio

Τηλ. 6940.882355 (Kostantinos)

Aianteiou Avenue and Peloponnisou Street (1st bus stop “Artopio” (Artopoieio) – Bread Bakery)
Mihalis (6942.058200) & Vaso (6939.571638) / Konstantinos (6940.882355).

Konstantinos 6940.882355. 
Facebook Page:

HAIDARI (Chaidari / Xaidari)
M. Alexandrou 122, Kerameikos Storage (Athens)
Konstantinos 6940.882355. 

PIRAEUS (Pireas)
M. Alexandrou 122, Kerameikos Storage (Athens)
Konstantinos 6940.882355. 

AIGALEO (Egaleo)
M. Alexandrou 122, Kerameikos (Athens)
Konstantinos 6940.882355. 
Facebook Page:

Across from the City Hall Stavroupoleos ON LAGKADA STREET in the Pavlou Mela Park, first building on the right.
Konstantinos 6940.882355
Facebook Page: 

43100 Karditsa
Eirini Markos 6984.24605 
Facebook Page:

email: or Nikos 6946.830021
Facebook Page:

For more information, call Panagiotis 6945.122770 and Kostas 6946.502473
Facebook Page:


The idea of the Community Kitchen “The Other Person” began when, at the Athens neighborhood farmers’ markets, we saw people of all ages, ethnicities, and social classes searching through the garbage for food which they could no longer afford to buy.

Our first understandable response was to cook food that we usually cook at home and share it at the markets. We asked the market stall vendors to give us one food item from their stall so that we could continue sharing the next day.

We decided to start cooking “live,” with everyone eating together, so that we could all become closer as a community and eliminate the shame which a person receiving free cooked food may feel.

An additional goal of the community kitchen’s efforts is to manage to give unemployed individuals who work with the kitchen on a daily basis whatever money is left over in the account (30-40 euros per month) and, from the different events to be held in support of the kitchen, to give a little something to the volunteers!

The idea behind the Community Kitchen “The Other Person” is to create solidarity with and to demonstrate love toward our fellow man, with the hope of raising awareness so that there are similar efforts undertaken by other individuals and groups.

We are not practicing “philanthropy” or “charity” as these terms are used today.

We cook “live.”  We all eat together, and we all live together!

A meal with our fellow man in the street.

Join us in making daily life more beautiful!

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  1. Great work, thank you so much! Where / how can I donate?

    1. Thank you
      donation here ACCOUNT NUMBER 0026.0294.88.0200608548 Constantinos Polychronopoulos bank EUROBANK and iban GR 60026 0294 0000 88020 0608548 EUROBANK SWIFT ERBKGRAA bank account creation Iera Odos 197 Aigaleo Attica square estafromenou

  2. Dear wonderful humans,

    Samaritan's Feet mission team wants to help you. We are a group of 23 volunteers arriving in Athens on June 18th. We would like to participate and/or sponsor a society kitchen and community meal with your wonderful group. Would this be possible? Please contact me, Gina (Liakopoulos) Bonfiglio at

    We are going to the Refugee Camp Moria on Lesvos. Will you be in Lesvos during the week of June 20th? If yes, we could work together there as well.

    I will look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Gina Bonfiglio

  3. Dear Kostadinos and all people of "O allos anthropos",

    I'm María José Hernández, friend of Evantia Giannakopoulou who spoke to you about me and my son Miguel. We are from Barcelona, Spain. We'll be in Mitilene and Athens to colaborate with you in august. I've tried to get in touch with you and Dimitris on the phone but it is impossible to reach you.

    We are also collecting some money and planning to send it to you in July. Would you please contact us to arrange it?

    I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you for the work you are doing!
    María José Hernández

  4. Dear Kostadinos and all people of "O allos anthropos",

    I'm María José Hernández, friend of Evantia Giannakopoulou who spoke to you about me and my son Miguel. We are from Barcelona, Spain. We'll be in Mitilene and Athens to colaborate with you in august. I've tried to get in touch with you and Dimitris on the phone but it is impossible to reach you.

    We are also collecting some money and planning to send it to you in July. Would you please contact us to arrange it?

    I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you for the work you are doing!
    María José Hernández

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  8. Απαντήσεις
    1. Hello Sunenteriors and thank you for your message.
      Our main action is to cook on the street, always in public places and eat the meals while warm together with everyone who is there.
      If you wish to help us, there are some ways:

      PayPal Account:


      IBAN GR7801100840000008460940235 PANAGOULA M. POLYCHRONOPOULOU

      Food , spices , honey .
      Paper towels , napkins , plastic forks and spoons , disposable bowls for food packaging , disposable gloves . foil , rubber bands.
      Detergents , sponges .
      Van for transportation.
      Gazi and primus .
      Stew pot

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